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No need to hire a legal professional, we've done the heavy lifting for you!

What Is A Policy and

Procedure Manual?

Every aspiring therapy entrepreneur should consider the underlying policies and procedures in which their business operates. Having a well-structured policy and procedure manual can save you and your future staff valuable time, ensure compliance with regulations, and improve the overall efficiency and professionalism of your practice.

What Will This Manual Cover?

We spent THOUSANDS with attorneys to ensure we cover every facet of the therapy world.

Check out the complete breakdown of what we cover.


Over 145 pages of policies and appendices wherein you'll need to simply fill in your own business name, address, and other related information. We review and update this template annually as well.

Spectrum of Policies Covered

We leave no stone unturned. You can expect detailed policies around billing, medicare, medical records, HIPAA, staff and contractor guidelines, COVID, and so much more!

Supplementary Material in Appendix Section

Over 30 important documents every practice needs will also be included in this manual.

  • Informed consent form

  • Initial Client Paperwork (insurance or private pay)

  • Objective Measures as recommended by American Occupational Therapy Association

  • Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN)

  • HIPAA Compliance Training

  • HIPAA Protocol and Procedures

  • HIPAA Confidentiality Agreement Employee/Contractor Signature Page

  • Observation/Clinical Students

  • Privacy/Confidentiality Statement for Email/Fax

  • Email and Text Messaging Agreement

  • Privacy Notice

  • New Employee Onboarding

  • Job Descriptions (OT, OTA, PT, PTA, SLP)

  • Contractor Checklist

  • Accident/Incident Report

  • Client Grievance Statement

  • Complaint Form and Logbook

  • Compliance Policy Acknowledgment of Receipt and Understanding

  • Neglect Indicator Charts

  • Policy and Procedure Manual Acknowledgment of Receipt and Understanding: Contractor / Employee

  • Photo / Video / Testimonial Release Form

  • Rules of Engagement with Social Media

  • Telehealth Informed Consent Form

  • Telehealth Consent Teach-Back Documentation

  • Client Telehealth Pre-Telehealth Instructions

  • Telehealth Visit Etiquette Checklist

  • Initial and Follow Up Visit Good Faith Estimate 

  • Fee Schedule

  • Private Pay Client Procedures

  • Cancellation Policy for Intake Folders

Testimonials from Real Therapy Professionals Using This Manual

Over 100 happy business owners as of 4/2024!

"Had Everything We Needed"

The Next level Occupational Therapy Policy and Procedure manual is clear, concise and covers all areas needed. There are also all the forms that you need as well such as Good Faith Estimate, Consent to Treat. My practice holds several state contracts.

They conduct mandatory audits every 2 years of the businesses that contract with them. They requested to be able to review my Policies and Procedures manual. I was so glad I already had it in place. The reviewers comments referred to the quality of the manual, the comprehensiveness, and overall stated this was the first one that they had reviewed and had only one minor recommendation for that was specific to their contracts.

I cannot say how thankful I was to have had such a thorough manual in place.

Sue Doyle, OT Lifestyle Solutions PLLC.

"It Was Plug & Play For Us"

Next Level OT Policies and Procedures have helped me in my small business start up called GeriHab Physical Therapy and Wellness. All I needed to do was to change the name and bam! All set and ready! If you need a plug and play for your mobile practice. This is the way to go!

Mike Chua of GeriHab Physical Therapy and Wellness.

"I Had No Prior Experience"

Purchasing the policy and procedure manual from Next Level OT was a great decision for my business. It's well-written, easily customizable, and essential for establishing a clear, robust, and compliant manual. I had no prior experience with writing policies, so it was worth the cost. I now feel confident in reviewing and updating it annually as my business evolves. If you need to establish or modify a manual, I highly recommend purchasing it. The time and hassle saved are worth every penny!

Abby Husar, Infocus Therapy

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